By: Ron Szczerba

Fonda, NY – This Saturday June 19 at the “Track of Champions” Fonda Speedway a special night honoring the late Bill Anagnostopulos will take place as the current top five in Sunoco Modified points will compete in the Bill Ag One-On-One Match Races with a lot of money on the line from various sponsors going to the drivers competing in the event.

This event is held in honor of the late Bill Anagnostopulos who was the owner of the Winners Circle, which is a restaurant in Fonda, NY that is located just around the corner from the Fonda Speedway. Bill was a great friend to racing and sponsored many drivers at the speedway through the years. On a typical Saturday evening, he would get away from the restaurant to attend the races at Fonda where he had many friends in both the pit area and the grandstands.

“It’s an honor for us at DTD to be involved with the annual “Bill Ag Elimination Race” at the Fonda Speedway each year,” a representative for the event recently said.

Typically, the one-on-one elimination race features the top five in Modified points plus a random driver selected from points positions 6-10.

Since there is a tie in the Sunoco Modified points top five, there will be no “Random Draw” for this year’s elimination event, so the drivers who will be competing in the Bill Ag One-On-One Match Races are Josh Hohenforst, Craig Hanson, Jack Lehner, Rocky Warner, Ronnie Johnson, and last week’s winner Mike Mahaney. Johnson and Mahaney are currently tied for the fifth position in the point standings following the June 12 racing program.

Should one of these drivers sweep all five rounds of this event, he will be walking away with in excess of $4,000 for just ten laps of racing! Dirt Track Digest and all the organizers of this event wish to say a special thank you to ALL the sponsors who have donated to the event now, and over the years as it has certainly become a “must see” event.

This will be the 6TH Bill Ag Memorial One-On-One Match Race run at Fonda with past winners including Bobby Varin in 2014, no event in 2015, Ronnie Johnson in 2016 & 2017, Tim Fuller in 2018, and Stewart Friesen in 2019 with no event held in 2020.

Some quotes from the previous winners of the event:

“This is a very special event honoring Bill from the Winners Circle,” Friesen said in the Fuccillo Automotive Group Mike Cole Victory Lane after his win in 2019. “This is a cool mid-summer special race that has become a big event so thanks to all the sponsors and the organizers for their efforts.”

“When Josh (Hohenforst) got lane choice for the last race I thought that I was in trouble,” Fuller said after his win in 2018. “I was real concerned because he is fast here at Fonda on a heavy track. This event is a little different, it has a lot of pizzazz, and racing needs more of that.”

All regular divisions will also be in action on Saturday, June 19 including the Swagger Factory Apparel Crate 602 Sportsman, the Algonkin Motel Pro Stocks, the Montgomery County Office for Aging Limited Sportsman, and the Fonda Fair Four Cylinders. Starting time will be 7:00 p.m.

The infield Drive-In area will be open on Saturday, June 19 for the “Dirt Track Digest Night – Bill Ag Memorial One-On-One Match Races” along with all regular divisions and you can reserve your spot on the infield by going to the Drive-In reservation request: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSeeT6Vnd40XrI…/viewform

Reservations will be accepted in the order they are received, $60/parking spot – includes 1-4 attendees of any age (ATTENDEES MUST ARRIVE TOGETHER – NO EXCEPTIONS). Reservations will be accepted until Thursday, June 17th at 8:00 PM, unless SOLD OUT prior. Credit card payment is required prior to the event. No refunds.

Sponsors for the 2021 Bill Ag Fonda Speedway Modified Elimination Race Saturday June 19th

Round 1- $515

$250 Rick and Tom Kietlinski

$100 Jay DeTraglia

$50 Christine Anagnostopulos

$50 Alan Hosbach

$40 Al Abele

$25 Dan Vroman

Round 2- $1,362.12

$1,212.12 Camp Can Opener

$100 Jay DeTraglia

$50 Christine Anagnostopulos

Round 3- $600

$350 Happy Harry and Shelly Shaffer

$100 Jay DeTraglia

$100 James and Jenny Brewster

$50 Christine Anagnostopulos

Round 4- $701H

$301H Alex and Michael Jackson

$200 In Memory of Steve Bidwell/Holly Anagnostopulos and Sammy Tomell

$100 Jay DeTraglia

$50 Christine Anagnostopulos

$50 George Walker

Final Round- $1,500

$1K DirtTrackDigest

$200 Dave Petersen

$200 Roger Savoie and Sue Cary

$100 Jay DeTraglia

$100 1st Driver Eliminated- Mark Siegenthaler

$100 2nd Driver Eliminated- Gary and Cindy Eckerson

$100 3rd Driver Eliminated- Fonda Speedway 50/50 Ladies (Heather Marr, Julie Compani, Rose McLoughlin)

$100 4th Driver Eliminated- Melissa Mimi Lazzaro

$100 Final Driver Eliminated- Mohawk Valley Vintage Dirt Modifieds/Laurie Fallis

$100 First Choice (first driver picked by a competitor)- Koozie Korner at Fonda Speedway

$150 Last Man Standing (last driver picked for the final round)- Zach Dufel.

$100 Fastest Elimination Race Lap- Larry Wrobel Sr.

$100 Final Driver 6-10 In Points Chosen by Draw- Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour/Thomas Coughlin

Bill Ag Modified Elimination Race Hats (Elimination Race Competitors & Bill Ag Family Members) Donated by Driven Design & Embroidery/Eric and Sherry Gifford

Oversized Bill Ag Modified Elimination Race Winner’s Check Donated by JK Motorsports Concepts and Sign Designs/Jeff Karabin

Modified Heat and Feature Bonuses

$100 1st Heat Race Winner- Macek’s Garage/Ryan Macek

$100 2nd Heat Race Winner- Macek’s Garage/Ryan Macek

$100 3rd Heat Race Winner- Chris and Erin Abele

$100 Leader Lap 1 Modified Feature- Auspelmyer Excavating and Paving

$100 Leader Lap 7 Modified Feature in Memory of Bill Ag- Holly Anagnostopulos and Sammy Tomell

$100 Leader Lap 16 Modified Feature in Memory of Bill Ag- Holly Anagnostopulos and Sammy Tomell

$99.99 9th Place on Lap 9 In Memory of BOBCO- Krash Menders

$50 8th Place on Lap 8- Bodie Bellinger

$100 7th Place Modified Feature in Memory of Bill Ag- Christine Anagnostopulos

$111 11th Place Modified Feature in Memory of Steve Bidwell- Holly Anagnostopulos and Sammy Tomell

$112 12th Place Modified Feature in Memory of Wayne Hazzard

$50 13th Place Modified Feature- Angela and Craig Hanson

$100 16th Place Modified Feature in Memory of Bill Ag- Christine Anagnostopulos

$50 20th Place Modified Feature- Angela and Craig Hanson

$100 Last Car on The Lead Lap- Josh Phillips

$100 First Car One Lap Down- Josh Phillips

$50 1st Driver on The Hook- Bodie Bellinger

$200 Hard Charger Modified Feature-$100 Out of the Fast Lane Podcast/Brady Houser, $100 Eric and Misty Houser

$200 Modified Hard Luck Award- Zilles Racing Team

$200 Bill Ag Award- Christine and Megan Anagnostopulos

Since 1953, the “Track of Champions” Fonda Speedway has hosted the best in stock car racing. Under the management of BD Motorsports Media LLC, the speedway will operate weekly on Saturday nights from April through August plus several special events. Fonda Speedway is located on the Montgomery County Fairgrounds off New York State Thruway Exit No. 28 at 21 S. Bridge Street Fonda, NY 12068.

Fonda Speedway is on the web at www.thefondaspeedway.com. To learn more, call the office at 518.915.4395, like Fonda Speedway on Facebook www.facebook.com/thefondaspeedwy or follow the speedway on Twitter: @thefondaspdwy.