As you have seen on the news, restrictions regarding COVID-19 are changing rapidly, sometimes multiple times per day. Today, Fonda Speedway received a call regarding our future events starting with the ‘One Wild Wednesday’ tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 15).
New York State officials, led by Governor Cuomo, have informed Montgomery County that Fonda Speedway may not utilize the Infield Drive-In (or the Grandstands) for any events until regulations change. With that said, we must restrict tomorrow’s event, and any other upcoming races, to the pit area ONLY and online viewing via Dirt Track Digest TV.
The spike of cases in Montgomery County, outlined on Monday, was a contributing factor to this decision.
Please do not take this announcement as a negative toward Montgomery County Executive Matt Ossenfort or Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith. Our local officials have gone above and beyond to support Fonda Speedway and we’ve been fortunate to host several high-profile events as a result of their hard work and dedication to the speedway and the fairgrounds. This directive comes from the Democratic Party at the state level.
Despite the last-minute change, we ARE STILL RACING on Wednesday, July 15 with our scheduled ‘One Wild Wednesday’ program. It is only fair to the teams who have prepared for this event and adjusted their schedules to support the show. You can watch the event online at the following link:
The latest restrictions may lead to adjustments in the remainder of the schedule. With only the pit area open, it is financially impossible to continue with regular Saturday night racing. We take pride in paying some of the best purses in New York State to our drivers and it is not in our plans to lower them or charge our racers high pit gate fees. The damage done to our racers’ budgets will last far longer than the COVID pandemic by dropping purses and raising admission prices.
With that said, the upcoming schedule will be reviewed and posted shortly. Please be patient as we work together to keep racing going at the Track of Champions.
We understand that you are angry. We are too! Take a moment to contact the Governor’s office and let them know your feelings (politely):
And once again, YES, we are racing on Wednesday, July 15 open only to the pit area and Pay-Per-View. An update on this Saturday will be posted in the near future.
Thank you for your support and remember to vote! Elections have consequences and we are feeling them now.