Pro Stock ‘Best of 8’ Series Announced for 2019 Fonda Season

Fonda Speedway management has been working hard on an incentive program for the popular Pro Stock division in 2019. Enter the ‘Best of 8’ Series. On eight Saturday nights, the Pro Stock division will race for an increased $800 to win. The dates are as follows: April 20, May 4, May 11, June 8, June 22, July 13, July 20 and August 3.

During these eight events, drawings will take place prior to the start of racing for FREE American Racer tires. At the April 20, May 4, May 11 and June 8 events, TWO tire certificates will be distributed each night to help teams build inventory early in the season. At the June 22, July 13, July 20 and August 3 events, ONE tire certificate will be handed out.

The ‘Best of 8’ Series is in addition to the previously scheduled 14th annual Hondo Classic on June 29 and $1,000-to-win events on April 27, September 14 and September 27. 

Fonda Speedway is now the most lucrative track for Pro Stocks in the Northeast!